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Bringing the Track to the Street

Watch the Pro Drag Wheels in Action

Watch more video in the above link, We have compiled the best from the beast from our customers. check it out you may see your car using prodrag wheels

What Are Drag Wheels?

Drag Wheels are Wheels that are suitable for shredding the streets & track.  They are built to withstand high speeds, while looking great on any car.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all across Australia.  Your order will leave our warehosue within 1 working day after you recieve order confirmation (ONLY IF YOU SELECT FIRST CLASS SHIPPING OPTION  FLAT FEE $99  – from the time of order for the following states: NSW, QLD, VIC (NOTE IN METRO AREAS ONLY), please allow 4-5 working days for TAS, NT, SA & WA).

How can i buy Pro Drag Wheels?

Simply visit our website, add your desired wheels to cart & checkout.  We will take care of the rest & get your wheels to you within 1-3 working days.

Finishing Touch

The race concept Gloss black look is complimented by the diamond cut precision milling that takes the wheel to another level,  It has not been seen before in detailed finishing’s and precise machining at the highest of levels. This has saved thousands of dollars to each of the customers that made a custom fitments available daily without waiting for weeks and months on costly custom wheels.

Off Set & Fitments

The pcd stud pattern fitments along with offsets available from negative offsets all the way to positive have been the desired success and taken onboard by many car enthusiast here in Australians.
The sizes available range from a small 16×9 to a 17×4.5 front runner and go as large as a 22×12 -50 super deep lip. Again making the wheel to fit the needs and wants of the wheel market in Australia. The demand has reached overseas of this wheel as the construction look and feel is absolutely amazing and has never been done before.

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The 20×8.5 and 20×10 are the most popular sizes and also the 16×9 used on the drag for semi slick tyre fitments.

The future of Pro Drag Wheels

The future generation will be fixated that this wheel is a must on their vehicles to come as it is slowly becoming a household name in the Australian scene.
Street Machine magazine has featured this wheel on the cover and making street and show cars have had these on display at many events and shows across the country. Even Chrysler 300cs have entered into the Prorag realm looking for the tough engineered yet class act engineered drag look.

The Demand

The HSV Holden and Ford FPV vehicles love these as they clear their big brakes and also have staggered options which they lack and find it hard to achieve in other wheels brands.

The Pro Drag Wheels has been popular on the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, Muscle rides, Classics, Euros and even jap cars are starting to want these as the trend is both mesmerising and also addicting. Be inspired by one of thousands of vehicles who are sporting the Pro Drag wheels on their street weapons.

Stylish Looks

These wheels will suit nearly any colour vehicle as the black lip or polished lip compliments any ride. Think about it black and polish goes with every single colour. They are neutrals that compliment any colour and will add the element of pop but in a classy race look way. Red, white, black, orange, grey , green and so fourth has been seen successful in the gallery and many more.
So the look has been inspired by race and drag wheels brough to legal street driving reality and race engineering with a professional exclusive class look to detail and finish offg your pride and joy.

The Engineering

The manufacturing of fitments and offsets have mastered the art of bringing custom high end costly fitments into a cast wheel finish.
Carefully cnc machines custom etch the pro drag wheels lettering and milling on spokes and centre bore.
Many have since tried to copy and replicate the wheel but have been shut down due to legalities as we have trademarks in place. Make the ProDrag phenomenon continue with owing a set of highly engineered bad boy wheels today.

Advantage using Pro Drag Wheels

Our street muscle scene is big here and the Prodrag wheels compliment the Australian market the new age mustangs have been rocking the Pro drag Wheels a small lip front and deep dish rear. This wheels compliments both modern curves and also straight line classics.
This cannot be done with no other wheels as they either suit modern or classics and not both. This is why the wheel took over 6 months to approve the design so we could perfect the making of this automotive Australian piece of history for many many years to come.

This is the new age modern take of some classic counterparts that have been famous in the past. The 5 spoke design is a classic and will never die. They also have a big brake series in these wheels so they cater for large brake clearances and fitments. Its an Australian engineered wheel so we know what is in demand and required for our market. They are load rated for all street vehicles and comply with all standards. The gloss black paint on the wheels will not fade and have a lifetime warranty. They are manufactured by the worlds best manufacturer and go through a 40 step quality control process before being packaged in a high grade cardboard to protect the wheels in transit. The lip has the milling words that are etched by laser cnc machinery that give the wheel a unique finish and can be spotted by a mile away. This has been part of the success of the wheel as the words represent the drag race look and the lip design is patent for lettering. This has been done perfectly and the milling sines in the light giving the detail a master class finish.

Shipping & Handling

Delivering Australia wide of the wheels is an easy fix as we and our biggest partners Ozzy Tyres deliver Australia wide. Contact us about any enquiries you have or fitment requirements. The gallery has thousands of vehicles that you can view to see the social proof that these are a force to be reckoned with.

Pro Drag wheels is proud to be Australian owned and has a team of highly accredited engineers who a automotive hardcore enthusiasts.

Welcome to Prodrag and welcome to the family we look forward to seeing the wheels on your vehicle… Team ProDrag